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Delivering Your Values

In News by Timothy Bannerman

With food being so central to our daily lives, it’s always right at the top of the ‘to do list’ when it comes to planning an event. We here it so often from our customers that food will play a key role in the success of their event, it’s not the first time we have hear a bride-to-be say she is more worried about her guests being well fed then her wedding dress!
So choosing the right caterer is a big decision.
That’s why here at Bannerman’s catering service London we aim to be as transparent with our customers as we can. We are not afraid of our ability to deliver hence one of the final stages of choosing Bannerman’s is a free taster with a guarantee that what you taste will be exactly the same as what your guests will taste on the day. Currently we are providing our catering services in watford and near by London areas.
Take a look at our ‘the organic Bannerman’s experience’ article to see how we source our produce.